The feeling of losing your keys is pretty devastating and especially your car keys! However soon we could be able to unlock our cars with a selfie, Jaguar Land Rover have just recently patented facial recognition technology to solve that exact problem. JLR are currently developing a technology that incorporates facial recognition and gait analysis that detects when the owners of the vehicle approach and unlock the doors for them. It is unclear when this technology might be available but details have been released by Jaguar Land Rover in a Patent application recently published.

“Open Sesame!”

It could be that cameras mounted on the vehicle capture video clips and images of people walking towards or standing near the vehicle it would then take those images and compare them with the saved “selfies” on its computer, if the images were to match on saved on the database it would then unlock. This technology could be very useful in many circumstances, it could save the driver valuable time digging in their pockets for the keys or and making it easing for when returning from a nice shopping trip.


Now i’m sure you’re thinking – What if a thief was to have a picture of the owner and they was to hold the picture up to the camera?

Using the gait recognition and video footage would ensure that thieves would not be able to trick the car into unlocking. There is also plans to have a stereoscopic camera system which will supply a three dimensional view of the user approaching the vehicle helping with recognising the recorded gesture. These plans also tie in pretty well with the hints dropped that Jaguars and Land Rovers may be produced without door handles and the doors  automatically opening when the owner is nearby.

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