The phenomenal Range Rover Sport SVR is one of a kind. The fastest car Land Rover has ever produced at 550 horse power. Stunning exhilarating a joy to drive.

When tested on the Nurburgring circuit dull of challenging twists and turns as well as high speed straights it exceeded expectations doing 20.83km in 8 minutes 14 seconds, not only is this the fastes performance compared to all other SUV’s but also faster than what many well respected high performance cars have achieved.

Not only is this car fast but it still retains the all round off road capability of a Land Rover. Making it a fun, high performance, exhilarating drive.

The car was launched at Good wood festival festival of speed 2014. It excited fans with the race-car inspired exhaust note and it stunning performance. The car was developed from the stunning Range Rover sport the light weight aluminium body and Luxurious feel were all fantastic foundations to refine the car. Special Vehicle Operations wanted to create a car that would be “strikingly differentiated” from the other cars with leather sports seats s typical feature for high-performance cars.

The 5.0 litre supercharged V8 petrol engine and 8 speed automatic transmission as well as the four wheel drive capability, creates an outstanding high speed vehicle.

“The Range Rover Sport SVR also features cross-linked, four-corner air suspension and Adaptive Dynamics. The air springs feature a modified piston profile to ensure even sportier handling and composure, while the Adaptive Dynamics damper settings have been optimised for an unrivalled combination of increased agility and occupant comfort.”

A first for Land Rover, the Range Rover Sport SVR is equipped with a two- stage active exhaust featuring electronically controlled valves.

The Range Rover Sport SVR is an outstanding vehicle refined high performance. Come in to Grange Land Rover Swindon today to view the Range Rover, and Range Rover Sport. Experience the luxury and performance for your self. As well as used Supercharged Range Rover Sports Range Rover Sport and Range Rovers available to view online now. http://www.grange.co.uk/dealerships/land-rover-swindon


Read more on the SVR and Range Rover Sport at:http://www.landrover.co.uk/vehicles/range-rover-sport/range-rover-sport-svr/index.html?cm_mmc=PPC_Google-_-Land%20Rover%20UK%20-%20Google-_-T3_Land+Rover_NP_Sport-_-range+rover+sport+svr&gclid=COqKnJLU5sQCFQLlwgod12MAlA

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