Range Rover Sport – Inferno Downhill Challenge

The Former Stig, Ben Collins teams up with JLR marketing. They convinced Ben Collins, to drive a 5.0 V8 Range Rover Sport down a destroyed ski run. The Range Rover Sport was nose downwards as Ben worked his magic, he drove it down the 9 mile long ski run, the locals call it the the inferno hitting speeds of 96 m.p.h. The course descends through 7000 feet vertically and at times has 75% gradient declines.


The 5.0 V8 Range Rover Sport finished in red surprisingly had very few modifications, it was fitted with a roll cage, racing harness and some new tyres. The air bags had to be disabled however other than that there was no other modifications. The stig (Ben Collins) & JLR marketing really went that extra mile to truly show us how amazing the Range Rover really is.

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