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Range Rover Evoque achieved a milestone on 4th July as it hit 5 years of production. The fastest selling car in Land Rovers history the Range Rover Evoque has been a global best seller accounting for one in four Land Rover sales in 2015.

With the Range Rover Evoque selling to over 180 countries since it’s launch the demand has increased causing Land Rover to up the production.

The Range Rover Evoque has become a non-stop British success with 24-hour production at the Halewood plant. Since the first Evoque rolled off the production line on 4 July 2011, sales have increased five-fold from just over 22,000 in 2011 to more than 108,000 in 2015 – with a new Evoque now rolling off the production line every 170 seconds. At the same time, the workforce has also trebled to more than 4,000, with 1,500 rec


ruited specifically to support the launch of this record-breaking vehicle in 2011.

Over the past five years, employees have clocked up more than three million night-shift hours, consuming 668,000 cups of coffee, half a million eggs and 125,000 slices of toast to keep energy levels up during an eight hour shift. A total of 1.7 billion Evoque parts have been fitted in the Trim and Final assembly area, travelling over 2.5 million miles of conveyor system.


This shows that it has brought Land Rover forward in to new markets not only the car for the country but a car equally suited to the city.


It is also the most efficient car with the 2.0 ingenium engine which was developed in the UK providing a clean and economical drive and more importantly reducing emissions. Another step Land Rover have taken to move forward is the Range Rover Evoque Convertible, again making Land Rover more fashionable and meet more markets.

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