Land Rover have created a little Christmas cabin for an old friend with enough room for two adults to sleep snugly in temperatures as low a -20 degrees. The great thing is that it all fits in the boot of the Land Rover Discovery Sport!


A perfect get away from Santa’s chilly grotto, of course some assembly is required.


Before taking the cabin out to the cold wilderness it was tested with Mountaineer and 12 time Mt. Everest climber Kenton Cool in Land Rovers Cold Climate chamber subjecting it to sub-freezing temperatures which is also where all Land Rovers are tested.  When choosing the vehicle to complete this challenge the team knew straight away that the Discovery Sport was the right choice, due to its many storage cubbies and large load space. The team folded down the seats of the Discovery Sport and packed all of the components utilizing every inch of space including putting nuts and bolts in the glove box and some snacks for Mr. Christmas in the cup holders. This really proves how versatile the Discovery sport is being the baby of the Discovery family.




Designed to have a minimum effect on the environment, the cosy cabin rests on 212 millimeter wooden struts that match the Discovery Sport’s ride height and shares some features of the SUV including and optional tailgate seat fitted to the deck of the cabin. The wide horizontal door to the rear of the cabin is inspired by the full length panoramic roof on the Disco Sport which supplies superb landscape views. While having a solar charger on the roof and the capability to power lights and a kettle from the Sport’s 12v power socket your pretty sorted.

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