As we all know the Land Rover vehicles are very well known for being luxurious and highly capable which most other vehicles can’t compete with  the incredible off road performance. However Land Rover haven’t created this video to prove the off road capabilities of the All New Discovery but to show how they have taken the vehicle technology to the next level and have done this very well by making a surfing video on a beautiful Malibu beach!


Land Rover had enrolled legendary surfer Laird Hamilton and 8-year old surfing prodigy Jett Prefontaine to perform a similar stunt as the survival celebrity Bear Grylls did whilst free falling during a sky dive he changed the seat layout, except this one is in the ocean rather than the sky. Laird uses his phone (in a waterproof case) whilst sitting on his board and changes the seating arrangements to accommodate some guests into his car using the third row of seats after a day of hitting the waves, showcasing the Intelligent seat fold system.  Also featured in this video is the use of the state of the art wrist band, which allows customers to to enjoy their sports and hobbies without carrying the standard key fob. Laird holds the waterproof wristband up to the D in the Discovery badge on the tailgate which simultaneously locks the vehicle and disables the standard key fob which is left inside.


The two showcase videos that have been made are set in the sky and ocean, Land video next? Maybe based in the mountains with skiers or snowboarders?

What do you think it will be?


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