The 2 Millionth Land Rover Defender sold at  prestigious Bonhams auction on 16th December 2015 for a record £400 000 the proceeds all went to charity. The Charities benefiting are Land Rover’s humanitarian and conservation partners, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)  and the born free foundation.

Land Rovers have been manufactured at the Solihul plant since 1948 and so was the 2 millionth but unlike other Defenders that come off of the production line this one had some help from celebrities and brand ambassadors for Land Rover such as Joanna Lumley and Bear Grylls also Stephen and Nick Wilks sons of the founder of Land Rover.

The Auction was part of a year of celebrations to mark the end of the production of the iconic 4×4 vehicle.  The tribute to the decades of Land Rover Defender production was finished off with detailing to remind you of the roots such as the number plates being S90 HUE a reminder of the original HUE 166. And a map of “Red Wharf Bay” being engraved on to the car this being the place where it all started as a drawing in the sand now being put on to one of the final cars. Also ‘no 2,000,000’ logos have been stitched on the headrests. A bespoke aluminium plaque, signed by everyone who helped to assemble the vehicle is fitted to the driver’s seat all help to make this car extra special and another great moment in the Land Rover Defender history.

Mike Adamson, Chief Executive of The British Red Cross said: “We are extremely grateful to Land Rover for so generously donating half the proceeds of the sale of this one-off vehicle towards our work in Nepal.  The Red Cross has used Defenders in humanitarian work and relief efforts in the UK and around the world since the early 1950s and has benefited from Land Rover’s support on many occasions through vehicle donations and loans. This vitally important project in Nepal – the 18th supported by Land Rover – will improve the lives and livelihoods of thousands of people and communities.” This quote shows how the Land Rover and the Defender sale have managed to enhance communities through the charities.

This was a truly momentous occasion with the sale of a record braking amount going to a telephone bidder in Qatar that has not only helped to celebrate the Defender but given a phenomenal boost to the 2 charities.

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