As electric power train technology matures, we’re seeing more and more people buying electric vehicles – and we’re also seeing more EVs of different shapes and sizes. Now, after the already-well-received Tesla Model X, Jaguar is preparing to release an electric SUV of its own – and it’s been snapped during testing.

The all-electric prototype is currently code named the Jaguar X590, and pictures show that – as with most test cars – the Jaguar X590 is covered in a black-and-white, swirly camouflage finish. However, despite its psychedelic, headache-inducing paint job, it’s clear that the test car resembles a smaller version of the Jaguar F-Pace.

There’s no word on the estimated range of the vehicles, but based on the timeline, they would need to be real-world long-range (200+ miles) to compete with other all-electric luxury vehicles expected around the same time, like Porsche’s Mission E, Audi’s quattro etron, and of course currently available vehicles like the Model S and X.

Jaguar is starting to take battery-powered vehicle seriously and the company is reportedly holding talks to partner with other automakers and invest in battery manufacturing capacity.

If new reports are to be believed, the all-electric Jaguar will use a novel four-motor power train, which means each wheel will have a dedicated motor. As well as allowing for better traction, that should make the all-electric Jaguar much faster too – and it will need to be.

The Jaguar SUV should be here by 2019, so that means it’ll be competing with the latest wave of electric vehicles from the VW Group and others – and they’re already looking very impressive. So far, it looks like the main competition for Jaguar’s electric SUV will come from Audi’s stunning quattro etron SUV, first unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.


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