By Stuart Lee, Head of Business @ Bentley Tunbridge Wells.

I am a very proud Head of Business tonight after collecting 2 awards on behalf of Bentley Tunbridge Wells at today’s scorecard awards.

The ‘Bentley Scorecard’ measures multiple performance indicators across all areas of our businesses and then ranks us against the rest of the Bentley UK network.

For 2021, we recognised that we needed to improve upon our 2020 finish, ultimately to deliver a much-improved Guest Experience. We knew that our 2021 performance was under enormous focus as a result.

Well…. not only did we finish in the upper quartile overall, but we also actually won 2 awards for finishing top nationally in those categories!! 

For 2021, Bentley Tunbridge Wells was officially the leading Bentley sales department in the UK! We also won the Mulliner award, based on having the highest number of vehicles with Mulliner content as well as the highest average Mulliner content nationally. 

To really top it off, Bentley Chelmsford won the award for Marketing, meaning that Grange Motors took 3 out of a total 8 Bentley awards, and we were the most successful group on the day.

We would like to thank everyone that played a part and most importantly our loyal Guests without which we would not have had the opportunities that we did in 2021. We look forward to seeing you all in 2022 and beyond as we aim for another award-winning year.

Best regards,


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