The New DB11

Only days after its public unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show; the new Aston Martin DB11 is already enjoying high levels of praise from critics and fans as it sets the tone for Aston Marin’s new ‘Second Century Plan,’ which will see the English manufacturer replace and revolutionise its entire portfolio.

Following the launch of the DB11 in 2017, Aston Martin will look to produce new versions of the Vantage and Vanquish using the same architecture and new Mercedes V8 Engines that will debut in the DB11.

Joining these new model iterations in the future will be the DBX, Aston Martin’s first venture into the crossover market. The DBX will be built at the new St Athan plant in Wales, where the majority of models are expected to be exported to foreign countries.

Speaking about the ‘Second Century Plan’ Aston Martin boss Andy Palmer said the perception of old technology and platforms used on Aston Martin vehicles needs to “go away.”

“What we need is the perceptions to go away of old technology, old platforms, and the question of whether we can survive as an independent manufacturer.

“We’ve developed this [DB11] as an independent company. It can be done. There are no excuses in the technology. We’re covered. We can be very special in the things we want to be, in design, the aluminium body, the aero, ride and handling.”

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