An Extraordinary Dinner with Bentley and Grange Chelmsford

On Wednesday 28th November, Bentley Chelmsford had the privilege of hosting an extraordinary dinner at The Warren Country Club to celebrate a memorable milestone in Bentley history, 100 years of Bentley.

We had the pleasure of Tim Hogdson, VIP owner relationship manager for Bentley in Crewe host and bring to life the fascinating Bentley history along with the exceptional service delivered by the waiters at The Warren who were a nod to the great racing days of the 20’s.

As Bentley approaches 100 years we looked back over 5 delicious courses the life of W.O. Bentley, and the extraordinary team that shaped this era so far. From the racing days of the Bentley Boys….and Bentley Girls, through to the engineering marvel that came from WO’s discovery of aluminium in coachbuilding, the success of the Le Mans racing team and the iconic touring cars that were subsequently built, that coincides fantastically with the launch of the new Continental GT Convertible launched this same week.

The future is indeed very bright, full of excitement and wonder as we look forward to a new wave of production from Bentley that firmly cements WO’s vision of delivering a good car, a fast car, the best in its class.

Please take a look at our fantastic images from this exclusive event. Where we truly captured an Extraordinary dinner.


The Warren Bentley

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